Compensation Plan

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Simple 3x3 - Heck it's only 39 people

Earn up to $510 in Phase 1

Earn up to $510 in Phase 2 PLUS

100% Matching Override Commissions

Iguana Biz Compensation Plan is one of the most lucrative compensation plans that you will find in the marketplace today. Just by referring people to our product package, you will be able to earn Direct Sale commissions. It’s as simple as that!

Iguana Biz – Phase 1

Most people, in fact over 71%, who own a home business never make over $100 per month. Why? Because they have never received the tools, training or support. Iguana Biz is the answer. I think you’re going to agree, when it’s all said and done, with Iguana Biz and a startup cost of $53, that you can definitely turn things around for yourself, financially. With those things in mind, let’s get started by letting you know right up front, for $33 a month plus a $20 annual administration fee, you will earn Direct Sales Commissions when you refer others to Iguana Biz.

As you can see, share Iguana Biz with only 39 people (3 on level 1, 9 on level 2, and 27 on level 3) and you are earning over $500 per month,?month after month after month.

You will have the opportunity to upgrade to Phase 2 where not only will you receive commissions on your 3×3 matrix, you will receive 100% Matching Override Commissions on each Direct Product Sale you have that upgrade to Phase 2.

Iguana Biz – Phase 2

Iguana Biz – Phase 2 Phase 2 is loaded with a product package that is going to save you money on all your travel needs, along with all of your everyday purchase. This product package will be an upgrade to Phase 1 of Iguana Biz. The cost for this package is $66 per month, plus a $20.00 annual administration fee.

Iguana Biz’s Phase 2 gives you the ability to write your own ticket. The more Direct Sales you have, the more you will earn. To begin with, you can earn over $500 per month on your Phase 2 Matrix. So, not only can you earn in Phase 1, you can also be earning in Phase 2.

PLUS, Iguana Biz’s Phase 2 has a 100% Matching Override Commissions for anyone who you share the product package with. It doesn’t matter where they fall, Level 1, Level 3, Level 5, Level 10, you will earn 100% Matching Override Commissions. Let’s say you have personally shared Iguana Biz with 3 people and their Direct Sales Commission is $500 each. Guess what, you would earn a total of $1,500 per month, month after month after month. It doesn’t matter how much they earn, you will earn 100% of what they earn in their Direct Sales Matrix.

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